Thank you Mark and Juliefor having dinner w/ Julie and me this last weekend. Thanks for the great ideas. I’ll try this Blogging thing. I’m sure it just like one of my MS forums except you want me to try to explain to everybody else about MS and the Stem Cell procedure. I’ll give it a shot.

 Ask 20 MS people about their condition…..get 20 different answers. I guess this way; I won’t have to keep telling the same story over and over. Cool…..we can do this.

People that know me………..know that………I try not to share the details unless asked………..It bums people out and I’m not about being the downer in the crowd.

We all have our crosses……..some are just a little bit heavier physically than others.


Thank you Shah (from L.A.) for sharing your journey. Thanks for standing up to the “Na-Sayer’s”. Thanks for being one of the 1st pioneers. Thanks for all of the credible “spot on” info and references. Thanks for filing out your profile to give me a better understanding of who you are and giving credibility to your research.


Thank you Marc (AKA from NYC)for the reliable info. Thanks for putting into words why this all make science. Also the reliable spot on information and for a blog that enlightens many to some of the many difficulties of this disease.


Thank you Laurie (Minneapolis, MN)for all the deep research and the time to give me the layman’s explanations to the “sciencey stuff”. For the last four months, your research has been vital to my risk assessment associated with this procedure. And ever since Bioness…’ve held my hand in the research department. Again…………”Where the hell were you when I needed to cheat in science class!”. Thanks for cutting down on the Wiki time.


Thank you Lynn and John (AKA “Bank Bankhead”).Lynn, the day you said “Lets just get there and worry about the fundraising later” It meant a lot. It’s a big loan…….but just like the house……..we’re good for it. Thanks for always having our back. Much Love. Now make me a smoothie!!!! Mmmmm,….mmmmm…..(“cheek’s”  ) 


Thank you Williams Family…….. Thanks for your patients w/me. Jay thanks for that arm that is always… right there. Niki you looked at me across the table and said “We want to help”. Thank you Alex, Payton for all you’re patients w/ your uncle. You both are able to “man-up” when it’s just the three of us and don’t think I’ll ever forget. “Tootsie bela” thank you for always bringing me my cane. You know I need it…..not bad for someone that’s not even two yet.


Dad……..thanks for always being there. Thanks for helping me turn the dream into reality. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank for putting up w/ all of my stresses and barking orders and then just showing up the next day…….. After day…….. After day…………..  


Mom…….thanks for understanding that sometimes I’ve just got figure it out by myself. We’ll get this…. and trusting in me that I know what I’m doing and being OK with that. The car has been vital to our family and we know that we can always count on you. Thank you.


Thank you Sue………for sharing dad and being understanding.  Thanks for all the game tickets and beanie’s for the kids.  Thanks for just being involved.  Your deffinatly not one of “those” wives.  Your very family focused and it has been something our family has been missing for some time.  Thanks for keeping the wheels turning in the right direction at Dad’s house.


Lauren and Nate………where do I start………Thanks for all the prayers. Believe it or not……those prayers kept me going this long. You two are mature beyond your years. People will never know what you put up w/ on a daily basis. Team Small is vital, and key to our family development. You help our family run like a well oiled machine. Mom and I honestly wouldn’t be where we are today w/out you. We are very proud of you. Most kids will grow up and never experience the kind of support that you have already given an adult in your young lives. I love you both so much, words don’t describe.


And then there is #1. Walk me to the car every night. Put up w/ my weird hours. Listen to my little “pity parties”. Where did you come from? How do we clone you? I love my life. Why do you think that is? How come? You were there at rock bottom chemo………..I gave you a choice…….. Now I guess you’re stuck…….we’ll get this. We’ve come a long way in just the few years when all we wanted was Normalcy”.

My #1……. always have been…….always will be.