Next stop was the “Wailing wall”

Parking in old Jerusalem is a premium and apparently our driver convinced the man at the gate that I was the CEO of NBC.  Crazy……but it worked…..and we got to park inside… 50 yards from the wall.  Only about 15 parking spaces.  After another security check we would spend the next 5 hours inside the gate.

 The guide was starting to earn his money.

Nice park job.......this will do

Nice park job.......this will do

After putting the paper prayers in the wall Nate and I went inside to the air conditioned portion of the wall where the “boy’s in black” do some serious power prayer and wailing.

They teach from the “Torah” in there (Men shouting Hebrew teachings and prayers)……and it seemed like something from a movie except………this was real.

 For the next 5 hours the guide would wheel me around the city in the 95 deg. heat and some crazy,crowed, cobblestone steets. 

This is not the mall I'm used too.....

This is not the mall I'm used too.....

Julie and I looked at each other and said…………there is no way we could have ever seen all this w/out the guide.

 There was an English tour set to go of the underground city of David.  Again the “NBC CEO” and his family get to cut in line and tag along the tour.

 Muslims live in the city of David so it’s not acceptical for Jews to go there (I think)


I said to the guide that it’s very important that we see the Stations of the Cross. 

The “path of Jesus” is actually in the Arabic quarter of the city. 

Saving the best for last.