Well………..I was wrong about the trash in the streets………..

driving through downtown quickly cleared that up. 


But some really cool trees lining the streets that I had never seen before.  Every other house had an Israeli flag hanging in windows, from decks, car windows….etc., etc.  Either it’s a holiday or these are some pretty proud people. Riding around the city you get the idea that if a building is still standing………you work w/ it.  It’s not the new construction craze we have in the states.  And yes………its kind of drive at your own risk……where the horn is just as effective as a turn signal……….but yet…..I see very few cars that have been in an accident.

 and still,….. I see no speed limit signs.


With a last minute schedule change….. I had a morning physical evaluation and meeting with Professor Slavin and Dr. Gesundheit (yes….. that’s right……what you say after someone sneezes.)


Dr Gesundheit met with Julie and me for about an hour this morning going over my history w/ MS since onset in 1994.  He was very impressed w/ the PLM doctor’s visit sheet that I had provided him………and we used the 4 pages to go over disease history, treatments used, symptoms, side effects,…….. etc, etc.

Dr Gesundheit would be the doctor that would later perform the bone marrow aspiration.  He loved the layout of the sheet and wanted to know more about the site as well. 

I would log on later that afternoon and show him around PLM.

Again this is a study that I’m taking part in and thier attention to detail is very serious.   They took another couple of vials of blood for further tests and shortly there after I met w/ the professor.  Dr. Gesundheit joined us to guide us though a complete streamlined disease history……….where again the professor had viewed the PLM “doctors visit sheet” prior and they used it in discussion. In which a few more questions arose 

The professor conducted the physical examination himself.  It took about a half hour and was quite through. He also did all the video taping.  He explained the risks………there are none.  He also informed us that they will hold bone marrow back……..store it,…….freeze it at minus 179 deg. Celsius.

 I wasn’t aware of that.  He confirmed that the research is always on going and that I will be notified if and when we need to continue or discontinue with Tysabri or maybe another future stem cell direction. 

I wish I could have taken a picture with him.   At this point…….he was getting up to that “celebrity” statis level with me.  It was a great meeting……. and all of us walked out with the confidence that this is going to work. 

Today………..he did not seem convinced that the approval would be in time from the Israeli government for my transplant date.  He informed me that the Athens and Istanbul facilities are top notch.  I informed him of my friend Shah’s experience in Athens and it being less than desirable.


“I will look at that” he says.


After the meeting,…….it was back to the hotel to try and get the legs back in the pool. It was a super hot day and the legs were not really co-operating. Again.


It worked……..and I walked a little better when we went back to the facility later that afternoon for BM aspiration.