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“Israeli stem cell (MSC) procedure synopsis”

(Enriched autologous mesenchymal stromal cells treatment) 


06/30/2009 – Clinic evaluation and blood work – Tel Aviv, Israel 

07/03/2009 – 400ml of bone marrow extracted from hip bone – Tel Aviv, Israel – outpatient procedure. 

Come Home 

It’ll take 10 to12 weeks to separate the multipotent MSC’s, replicate between 70-80 million MSC’s in a clean room lab environment, clean, inspection by third party lab, and then prepare for transplantation.  

Sept./Oct. – Stem Cell Transplant – 70-80 million MSC’s divided equally to be administered half via intrathecal (spinal tap) and half via IV injections. – procedure preformed in Istanbul, Turkey or Athens, Greece (TBD). Minimum hospital stay 1 day.  Observation requirement 

Based on some numerical analysis by the Biomed rep, 70-80 million cells will replicate into 40 Billion cells within 3 to 6 months. 

Come home and rehab like hell. 


Using the patient’s own bone marrow, the cells are cultured to enrich the number of autologous MSCs to nearly 100%.  It is felt that the MSCs can down regulate the autoimmune process by inactivation of self-reactive lymphocytes & in some cases, this treatment may also reverse some of the disease manifestations, most likely due to the regeneration of damaged neurons or stimulation of locally residing stem cells in the brain and spinal cord.  It can take 3 months to a year for positive changes to occur as the stem cells need a chance to go where they’re needed and begin the repair process.

These bone marrow derived MSCs offer practical advantages for clinical therapeutic applications, since they can be obtained from the adult bone marrow and therefore the patient can be the donor for himself, without any danger for rejection of the cells. In addition, MSCs carry a safer profile and are less prone to malignant transformation.


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