Three weeks post aspiration…………

I am now beginning to feel a little stronger this last week.  Still only feeling about 85%. I haven’t backed off the work or working out since being home from Israel………..I’m sure that my lack of rest has not helped this weekish feeling I’ve had these last few weeks.

My appetite has been larger than normal since returning.  All in all…….I don’t see a problem before transplant.  It’s good to be home, back to work, and back to the workout routine.

I’ve not been able to kick the Fampridine-SR drug (the other MS trial I’ve been in since Feb/08)

The study group wanted me to stop dosing this last week.

I tried……. but I need the Fampridine – SR to get the motors running for work every night.  So I’ll be talking with the study lady tomorrow about that and how “stopping the drug” is probably “not” going to happen.  So…when I run out of Famprindine,…I’ll have some doc give me a 4-AP prescription. ( 4-AP is the same medication,…. only that 4-AP needs to be made at a compounding phamacy and thus comes with no “FDA safeguards”.

I’ll keep you posted on that.

“Tysabri Tuesday” is this week.  Hopefully that will make me feel a little stronger. Sometimes it does……..and sometimes it doesn’t.


Another warm weekend here in Seattle……….and another weekend tied to the air conditioner in the house and in the car.  Hopefully somewhere between 7- 9 more weeks to go till stem cell transplant………..they can’t come soon enough.

Be Well