The one piece of the pie that had been missing in all this was validation.  There are so many different directions to consider when looking at a Stem Cell procedures worldwide,.…….that one can become easily overwhelmed.

When I met with my neurologist about two months ago,….we discussed what I was doing,…..he thought oversees Stem Cell was a waist of money. 

“Risky” he said.

“How so?”….I asked.

After a 1 hour and twenty minute appointment w/ the Neuro,…..Julie and I walked away with still the same questions.

How has he never heard of Professor Slavin?

And we still wondered…..where was the risk?



The “doubt”,…. I guess, had always been in the back of my mind.  “I’m not a doctor”, I kept telling myself…..and the only information I had was patient testimonials and scientific reports written so vaguely that one could only translate positive results or at worst… no result at all. 

I could relate to the positive results the MS’ers I had been tracking were experiencing. I was hopeful. But again: “I’m only a patient” and still…..

“The doubt.”



Then along comes.. “Science Friday”.. at the Virginia Mason – Benaroya Research Institute here in Seattle, Washington.  This is an invite only presentation that only happens twice a year. It was held in a nice conference room at thier downtown facility and included Julie and I and about 25-30 others. The others included: investors, media, management, fundraising people and a few patients. Also a few friends and/or relatives of various auto-immune disease patients.

The meeting was conducted by Dr. Nepom, the “Director” of the institute.  He went through the various drugs in study and the different Human trials that are still in their infancy.  At this point, I wished I had brought a video camera. (That probably would have not gone over to well). He really didn’t go over the stem cell direction they were headed….he only covered what they had learned in terms of how cells are attacked and then destroyed by our own immune system.

 He talked for about an hour and then answered a few questions. We then went on a tour of the cellular research lab.  Very cool.  The research technician showed us the different machines that analyzed and marked the different cells.  Again…..Fascinating technology.  He really didn’t get into what they were looking for…….just commenting on how it all worked. The technician was very knowledgeable and described perfectly how MS attacks and impacts those that are unfortunate enough to be stricken.

 The time was ending in the lab and it was time to return to the conference room for the conclusion of the meeting.


This is where my mobility (lack there of) paid off.    While traveling at light speed down the long hallway back to the conference room….Julie took the time to explain to the researcher that we were involved with stem cell in Israel.  He said he knew of Professor Slavin’s work and that they too are also actively researching the mesenchymal stem cell family.  He made mention that their reaserch involved auto-immune disease prevention where as professor Slavin’s reaserch promoted repair and immune stability.




We only told him where we were going and who we were seeing.


He then told us…….. what we were getting.


Finally…………validation a half a world away here in Seattle.


Once back at the conference room, the meeting concluded with a few more words from the doctor about the insitute and how it was linked with other research centers around the world i.e………Oxford, England, Stanford, Harvard School of Medicine and other big places in Europe and China.

During the Q/A session that followed, Trish leaned over to me and said that Dr. Nepom wanted to talk after the meeting.  Cool.  I had brought my folder w/ all my different stem cell protocol info in it. 

The doctor and I talked awhile and he explained that Professor Slavin had not published any data in a while regarding this procedure.  I showed him the info that I had and asked him what he though. He liked and confirmed that Proffesor Slavin is well respected the world over.

 When lighting strikes twice in one day…..that was enough for me.  We came home and it finally dawned on me.  The last remaining questions I had about all this had just been answered.


Two Scientists validating the protocol……..I guess the rest is now up to me.


Thanks Trish………..You’ll never know what a great day that was for Julie and I.  Much love. This is going to work.

 Be Well