It’s not just for people w/ MS……..It’s much, much bigger than that.  They cover many different diseases.  Maybe you or someone you know is one of the “afflicted”


PLM is a great learning site. A very powerful site that has helped me and my MS tremendously. There are some very smart people there. If you don’t know the answer to an MS question, start a thread.


“I’ve got crazy spasms in my legs. What meds do you guys take?”

Wait approximately 15 minutes……. and BAMB!!!!!!

You’ll probably get five or so responses.

Then research the drug in the “Treatments” section.

There you go. “Presto.” An informed discussion next time you see the Doctor.


You can really get into the site by filling out your online profile.  Yes….what you do is visible to other patients……but you are the afflicted…….and maybe…..just maybe…..somebody else out there is suffering just like you.

How do they deal with it?…….Hmmm…..maybe you never thought of that treatment?

I personally don’t post comments every day due to the fact I work full time. But I definitely log on every night to learn, laugh, and relate. Don’t get me wrong,…. normal trips to the doctor are good, but they don’t give you “the laugh and the relate part.” I’m also not one to sit in a support group and wait for my turn to put my story out there.  

PLM is also open 24/7. No appointment necessary.



Be Well