When it come to stem cell....professor Slavin is "Top Dog"

When it come to stem cell....professor Slavin is one of the "Top Dogs"


To Friends and Family…..please forgive……I invited some people from MSWorld to come and take a look here at this next post.

Who knows……I may even meet some of these MSWorld people.
(unlike PLM,……..People cannot email each other or share links to websites pertaining to the disease at MSWorld. (dumb guidelines if you ask me)

I don’t think Professor Slavin liked having his publications questioned half a world away…….(The BRI in downtown Seattle last Friday)

Sometimes it’s so easy to say of another’s work:

…….”Nope”…..”Won’t work”…..”Can’t do that”…..”It’ll never happen”…….”Danger”…….”Risky”…….

I think doctors say it all the time to avoid a liability issue.

Then there is the few that say:
……”it could”…….”why wouldn’t it work”…..”What if we did this”……

I think this is what Professor Slavin and I have in common.

Here is some light reading for you: (Don’t forget that Wikipedia link I gave you the other day)
First,…………..his email to me in regards to my BRI synopsis from last Friday.

The Professor writes:

Dear Todd,

Thanks for the information regarding stem cell activities in other locations. In your email you mentioned re Dr. Nepom commenting that “Professor Slavin had not published any data in a while regarding this procedure”.

I would greatly appreciate if you could tell Dr. Nepom that not only have we pioneered the use of mesenchymal stromal stem cells for the treatment of multiple sclerorsis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, spinal injury and some related clinical syndromes, but we also have several publications on the role of stem cells for the treatment of neurological disorders, one that was already sent to the New England J Medicine. In fact, we wrote the first paper on the subject suggesting first in a pre-clinical animal model in mice that treatment with stem cells may be of benefit for such patients and subsequently pioneered similar application in clinical practice.

Attached please find a list of publications that Dr. Neopom could look over on PubMed, and I would be happy to hear his response after reading the contents of this list.

Thanks again for providing us with this interesting information.

Shimon Slavin, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
Scientific & Medical Director
The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI)
Tel Aviv Medical Center & Top Ichilov at the Weizman Center

He then attaches a word document with the following links:
(you may need to cut and paste the “HTTP” links below into your web browser)

Items 1 – 16 of 16

1: Neuroprotection and immunomodulation with mesenchymal stem cells in chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
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USA puppy

And then you have stem cell in the USA……….The Stem Cell puppy says:

“Hmmmmmm………Let me lie down and think about this……….How much money is this going to make me?”


This is going to work. Be Well,