This is going to work!……….I know it is……I’ll work my butt of to make it happen.


As some of you know….there are a few people that I follow on the web in regards to this procedure.  The main character is “Shah”

Shah gave us some updates last night and they were very encouraging.  I know, I know……everybody is different…(Eyes wide open to those thoughts)…..

The communication that I have had w/ Shah over the last 5-6 months has been very credible.  And listening to him describe his symptoms that are so very similar to mine…….gives me great “Hope”.

This was a few of his updates last night.

Shah writes:

                                                                        Nerve repair

After 9 weeks post my treatment, I woke up one night due to major tingling in the base of my spine, getting synchronized with tingling in my thighs.
The next day, while swimming in the pool, I noticed more left knee flexion; causing same exact spine tingling when left leg moving in the newly explored range of motion. I emailed Slavin and he concurs that this is an example of nerve repair, not Myelin

This is exciting,


And then he writes:

                                                 Some information on Oligodendrocytes

In MS (and some other CNS related diseases), Oligodendrocytesare damaged (in MS, excess of a neurotransmitter called glutamate is known to be responsible for this loss). These cells are responsible for creating Myelin. MSCs (which are also Progenitor cells) are known to be able to Tran differentiate into oligodendrocytes, hence induce remyelination. In addition, MSCsare capable of performing neurogenesis (becoming neurons) …

Just a refresher for the new comers. This is mainly why MSCs are picked for MS treatments,




And he finishes w/ this post:

                                       Shah’s Update – Weeks 9 and 10 post treatment

Week 9 has been exciting. I mentioned the significant tingling in the base of spine which woke me up, got associated with thigh tingling and increased mobility in left leg, starting the following day. Seems like most of repair activity in weeks 9 and 10 have been focused in the left leg area. Less stiffness in the morning, able to raise knee and walk just after waking up. I remember I was so stiff that could only move my legs like straight sticks without being able to bend my knees. I’m also noticing less weakness in left arm, but the fingers are still weak and do not pan out strongly, but the grip is stronger!! I guess they are related to different nerves. Urinary urgency and groin muscle control are continuing to show improvements.
I’m realizing that this repair process is very steady, but is not rapid. It is going to take months, with weekly rewards of noticeable improvements.
My next plan of action is getting on Bioness L300 for both legs, to get the nerves stimulated and get the leg muscles to work harder. After all, we are planning a footrace by Mar 2010 , and I’ve promised my canes to my father-in-law.

In summary, improvements keep coming slowly, but steadily and surely,




You see…….this is great news because here Shah is talkingabout getting Bioness…….. before he received transplant his primary form of mobility was a “power chair”.


Also……..I have never discussed the following with Shah…..

………when he uses the term “Knee-flexion” and his left leg……….”BINGO”………that is what is wrong when you see me walk. 

Bioness will not work w/out “knee-flexion”.  Mine still works……a very little bit……but the planets need to be aligned just right and I need to be completely rested.  This is a very new symtom for me.  I have only owned The Bioness for a year and a half.  When I first got it……I believe my knee flexed much better.  

Shah has used the term “knee flexion” to discribe his improvements many times the last few months.


This is going to work.


Imagine falling off a cliff and it took you 15+ years of freefall before you were about to hit bottom……………….(my thoughts of a wheelchair)

…..Then comes along this old hawk that swoops you up…..right at the last minute.   You’re a pretty heavy load for the old hawk………

But………he may just have enough…”left in the tank”…. to get you to safety.

You can be sure that I’d be flapping my arms right about then to help out.  Come to think of it……..I’ve been flapping them for fifteen years.

Time to pick up the pace.  Ohhhh..Yea. Good times.



You see…………in two days we’ve come full circle………….open communication………..hope………

……..and that gasoline and campfire.

Hopefully…. now…. you get the idea.


We can do this.


Be Well