Hmmm….the word really wasn’t “hello”……..

……….Actually…….the word was “tact”


Fundrasier and Oregon trip 210

"I can't believe you marted in front of Fary"


            I remember the day I met Mary……….it was ten years ago at “Westfest” (a Fall fund raiser)……..I donated the use of “The Booger” (yes, what you dig around for in your nose).

The school used my green 1966 GMC truck as a “prop” to be parked on the school’s front lawn.  They wanted to put “hay bails” and a “scarecrow” holding a “Westfest” sign in the bed and in the driver’s seat.


Maybe it was the fact that I looked young. 

Maybe I looked like  somebody’s kid. 

Maybe it was the fact that I looked like I was poor.

Maybe dressed in short’s and not looking like I could possibly afford to send a kid to Holy Rosary……


….Whatever it was…it was this gentleman’s responsibility to verbally “tough lash” me in front of a crowd of people.  It was his job to inform everyone w/in earshot that I was endangering the lives of everyone in West Seattle by parking the truck on a slopped hill that way.  “Why is it here in the first place?”……”Who’s crazy idea was this?”……

……on and on he continued w/ the chest pumping at my expense.  I blocked the wheels of the truck just to shut him up for a few seconds that allowed me to get away.


I ended up walking home with Mary, and a very young Mathew, and Lauren.  We talked about what a jerk the guy was being.  I didn’t really know Mary then.  Some more small talk (while my internal blood boil of madness…then became a simmer)


And then a few minutes later:


”Tact!!!!”…..I semi-shouted

 She looked at me:

 “Yes”……..she said

 She knew I was mad….and I had just made sense of it……….she on the other hand,… had long since figured it out.


The connection was made.


We talked and talked and talked the whole way home.  She didn’t realize it at the time…….it was probably my first “Real conversation” I had had with another parent going through the same stuff as Julie and I. (Outside our family of coarse.)  We’ve been friends ever since.


Mary’s got a little competitiveness in her.  She a racer. Kind of like me. Although…..she is a lot smarter than me in the fact that she likes to pace herself…….where as I….. like to go out fast and “blow up” right at the end.

She’s putting on (hosting) a fundraiser for me tonight at her house. 


 I thought I would thank her in advance seeing how I could never adequately express what her friendship means to Julie, me and our family in front of all those people.  I’d probably break down, and all would be lost.


The Meucci family has been right there with us almost every step of the way in all this MS stuff.


 Mary.  You are a beautiful rock in the sea of many people that come and go in our lives.  


What you’ve already done for “Smalltime” over the years is something that I can only hope to sommeday repay.

Julie will never need a shrink because she has you…….you take care of the “rock” in our family (Julie)…….you must be just OK then……LOL.         


Mary, Mary,…….quite contrary……your fleece may be as white as snow……

……..but you have a heart of “Gold”.


Everyone in the world needs a friend like you.


Much love, “girlfriend”

Be Well