Now that my mother-in-law is in retirement……..I think she would graciously concede the throne. 

Although………. “Jack” was active during her supposed reign……..

So…………..Some may argue that the title may have been “Jack’s” all along.


 If you haven’t been to Husky Deli here in West Seattle…….then welcome to the state of Washington for the first time.

Your going to hire my kid at "Husky Deli".... or else....!!!!

Your going to hire my kid at "Husky Deli".... or else....!!!!





Husky Deli is all things specialty and the handmade ice cream is: “To Die For”!!!  The place is timeless here on California Ave.  And to say that you’ve just came from Husky Deli to get “whatever”…….is sort of like: “Name-dropping” and sparks envy to all that know of the place.


If you like food……… (Come to think of it,…we all need it)…..then a trip to Husky Deli is sort of a treat to yourself or for the recipient of the goods.


It all starts at the top w/ Jack Miller.  Jack donated all the bratwurst at the fundraiser the other night.  (Maybe part of the reason we raised so much money).  I never got a chance to thank him before he took off. 


 “Poof” he was gone. 


After all……. there is a business to run at 8:00p at night.  (He had to finish a catering job for the next morning.).  He then reappears back at Meucci’s to see how we did.


He and his business are always about “the cause” whether it’s the church or just helping someone out. (Like me) Jack is just one of those guys with a heart as big as Texas. (OK…… Alaska).


My son Nate gets the pleasure of hanging out with the Miller’s from time to time.  It’s the only time I can motive him to ride his bike anywhere.  Just a solid family from top to bottom. 


Thanks Jack, Heidi, and Toni, for all that you do for our family.


Much Love and Be Well