In My Humble Opinion: (IMHO)


My friend “JJ” asked me a very interesting question the other night that I get asked a lot.


“JJ” asks:


Curious…  Why didn’t you get in the Stem Cell stuff going on in the USA?  My folks shared an article in a recent Saturday Evening Post about Stem Cell research.




My response: (alway lengthy……I don’t think I have any other way of replying to someone….LOL)


Hey JJ,

Well…….I have to agree w/ the “Frau” again on this one. (She’s a smart lady)

IMHO “JJ”….. Stem Cell research here in the USA is way behind.  The FDA will “him and haw” around for the next five years and whoever has he biggest wallet (drug company)……they will then be the benefactor of the first “Stem Cell Band Aid”.

I honestly believe it won’t be much of a “Band Aid” …because there is still too much money left to be made off this stem cell stuff.

As long as we have a debate over “Healthcare Reform” here in the United States…….then there may never be an adequate stem cell option here.  I mean….”Healthcare Reform” is about money….plain and simple. And until you can figure the money issue out…….the real reason for all this, get pushed further and further away.

You’ve heard this before………”There is no money in the cure”.

I personally chose the Isreali protocol…..based on documentation.  Interesting though,……they have a government run healthcare system.  They are taxed up the “gazu”. The few people I talked w/ there were all in consensus that they like their healthcare system. 

IMHO…….Isreal is a performance based healthcare system. Not a profit based one


Stem Cell Study in the US is for the select few that are lucky enough to be accepted.

The studies are small and you have to be a model RRMS candidate that will give that particular protocol “the most bang for their buck” with regards to results.

A lot of stem cell in the US involves “Chemo”.  This makes no sense to me.  Anybody who wishes to be blown up by chemo for a study, will undoubtedly claim success once their immune system is brought back up online. My experience w/ chemo (Novantrone) was ugly. Damaged my heart. I wish to never to go back there again. Any way, shape or form

Skewed results if you ask me.

Also………..MS patients have a weakened immune system to begin with.  Why would you:

  • A) Wipe it out w/ “chemo” in the first place?
  • B) Will it come back up online even more aggressive than before you took it offline?
  • C) Some studies involve using a foreign stem cell…….now you are asking two things from your body: 1) rebuild an already weaken immune system. 2) Accept something foreign w/ regards to the type of cell transplanted.

I also have yet to find the “Rant and Rave” section of the internet where all the members of let’s say a: “Northwestern Study Protocol” or any other US study for that matter…..get together and “shout from the rooftops” about the successes.  Maybe somebody can point me in that direction. I’d love to read the testimonials. Curious? Why is there no mention of these succsesses in these forums.  Possibly because the benifactors know it will be such a long time before any of us see something possitive here in the USA. I understand why they would not want to “Glote” (sp?)

Some studies here…….are risky……and barely out of “lab rat” trials.  A lot of unknowns. Know what you are getting into, before you make the big leap.


Be Well