Shah’s Update 3 Months Post Transplant

weeks 11 and 12 have been about continued improvements in left leg and new improvements in stomach muscles. I had almost lost the ability to tighten my stomach muscles as of 6 months ago, and as of week 11 i’ve noticed that I’m able to do this again . It’s very difficult for the physical therapist to make me lose my seated balance by pushing my shoulders. Left leg has improved further in knee and hip flexion, reducing the effects of left foot frop by far. During week 11 I’ve also managed to try out Bioness L300 on both legs concurrently which was a success. At this point, the biggest remaining issue is foot drop (about 30% on the left and 50% on the right) which will hopefully continue to improve during the following months, while L300 will assist in stimulating the nerves and improving the walking form. All previous improvements have sustained,


I know, I know……everybody is different…(Eyes wide open to those thoughts)…..
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