Well……A little over one month post transplant and all is well.  Sorry I haven’t been posting more,… but still,… everyday I am thinking of what it is I can do to get stronger and improve upon my condition.

I’ve been working out very hard and I believe my strength to now be back to where it was before I left for the trip.  But for me,……that is not good enough and I will be attempting to work my butt of on this rehab till the first of the year.  I want so bad to do this walking thing and with all the work I’ve been doing with the personal trainers at “Pushing Boundaries”…….It seems I have some work to do in the strength department before I can get walking without a cane.

My left hand circulation is a sustained improvement since transplant but it is hard to gauge what exactly is going on in the mobility department because of my extensive workouts. I am always very tired after.

When I am rested though…..I am feeling good and walking good.  Hopefully this weekend will be better than last as it took me all last weekend to recover from my two workouts at “Pushing Boundaries” the week before.

I know what people are thinking…….”Todd,…don’t over do it”. 

I have one thing to say……..lets try it my way this time.  When you have MS…..people constantly tell you that you have to rest,…”You have to rest”

I believe that there is no better person to guage than me.  All I know is that right now…….I can’t wait to get into see the people at Pushing Boundries on Monday.  They are pretty good at judgeing my limits.  And right now…….It’s just the way I like it……”BALLS – TO  – THE – WALL – BABY!!!!”

I’m going for it.  It is going to work…..I just have this feeling.  So far the exercises that we have been doing are all pretty new to me and although I do not have the greatest ability to do them all……the muscles are at least engaging like they want to do them.  After every workout……I walk away with the feeling that what I just did was better than the time before.  I believe we are headed in the right direction.

This is going to work

Baby steps.

Be Well