Let's not get side tracked here.....What's the issue?......Is it healthcare reform?.......or is it Nancy Pelosi?

I’m  very lucky in the fact that I have been given this opportunity (stem cell). I have an obligation,…not only to myself and family ,…but now to others… make this work.

No pressure……..

Pressure is working and raising your kids right,…..keeping them out of trouble and on task. 

Pressure  is being in an abusive marriage w/ no way out.

Pressure is raising kids as a single parent.

Pressure is being accountable for others beside yourself.

Presure is being handicap and having no caretaker,… limited funds and no resources. 

Just a few examples…

…On…… and on……..and on……we could go……


Julie and I look at like this ….”My situation could be so much worse.”

I am lucky in the fact that I have a very loving and supportive family.

Is all of this costing me a fourtune?……….YOU BET!!!!!

But I’ve moved on with the cost for right now.  I will work my butt to make it work.  I told Professor Slavin the other day that I want to be the “poster boy” for his MSC protocol.

And I will.


I think often of the people who have MS and will never have the opportunity to do the things for their MS based solely on the issue of money. 

Sad Really.

I know,….I know…..lets see if all this stem cell works first.  right? 

But there are a lot of treatments that have already worked for me in my MS fight.  Some MS’ers will never have the opportunities that I have had based solely on income and insurance.

This is why I’m a such a healthcare advocate. 

Something has to be done. 

The time was years ago already!!!!!!!


Nancy Pelosi and the house will be featured all this week.  But party affiliation should not be the reason,…and yet it will be the sole reason for criticism of the whole plan.

Sad really.

But those without health concerns will dominate the Media this week.  Be prepared.

The media will say: ……”What is the other political party thinking?”

Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!

Just get it done already!!!!!!

The bigger issue us always missed. 

 Can we get this done?


I hope so.


Thank you Uncle Ed for sending me this next link.  Will the insurance industry, money politics, lobbyist, and greed get in the way of what need to be done in this country? 

I hope not. 

Just remember:  It will all be Nancy Pelosi’s fault if this doesn’t happen.  She already sounds like the perfect scapegoat.

That Damn Nancy Pelosi. 

Just who in the hell does she think she is!!!!!!!!


Hate Monger definition:

 –  a propagandist who seeks to provoke hatred and prejudice (political party non-exempt)

Do yourself a favor and watch this 5 min. clip at least twice before you render me any anti-healthcare hate mail.   


It will keep your focus on what needs to be happening here.
Be Well,