Six plus weeks post transplant and things are good.

Scratch that……….

“Things are great!!!!!!!”



It was an incredible week…………It all started on Monday:

“Julie” Cubed – (to the power of three)

Three “Julie’s”

Monday of this last week I was pretty run down.  Tysabri Tuesday was the following day …and just like every other month …I was ready.  My wife (Julie) told me earlier that our friend  “Julie” wanted me to meet another “Julie” at Starbucks at lunch time.  The “Julie” I met had been diagnosed w/ MS for about the same amount of time as me. (approx. 16 years) She wanted to know all about the stem cell procedure.  I had gone to “Lokomat” training Monday morning so… I was walking like crap come lunch time.

My friend “Julie” gave me a ride down to the beach and held my hand into the Starbucks.  The woman that I was meeting must have thought I was in really bad MS shape. Three “Julie’s”…….at least I wasn’t going to forget names.

What a difference the next day made.




“T” Cubed – (to the power of three)

 Tysabri, Tuesday, Two Step

The next day (Tuesday) I received my monthly Tysabri infusion.  I did not plan on working out that day as I had two very lengthy appointments at two different hospitals.  I was not walking well that morning as I met w/ Dr. Kita before my treatment.  I updated her on the fact that I had been working out real hard and had the energy to do so.  I told her that… just the morning earlier… at my Monday morning “Lokomat” session,… I had felt my left “hip-flexor” muscles “engage”. I told her about how I felt that I had control of those muscles for a little bit till they quickly became exhausted. 

I felt those muscles for the first time in years.  I felt that I could tell my “hip-flexors” how much to contribute to the exercise.  I told her that once the communication was established….my left “hip-flexor” started to tire rather quickly. 

For me it was a very exciting day and was my excuse to why I was so tired as I met w/ her that Tuesday morning.

I would not know how big of a deal that communication was until around 11:00p Tuesday night

Tuesday was a long day.  Tysabri in the morning then an AFO (Ankle-foot othesis) fitting in the afternoon at another hospital.  I got home and was pretty tired from treatment and all the running around.

But late that night something happened………I took two steps……all by myself.



 “Walk Wednesday” Cubed (to the power of three) (walked a little 3X – Wednesday) 

The “Walk’s”

In the middle of the night…I decided to walk to the bathroom (no cane).  I walked a little too and a little on my return to bed.  I woke Julie up and told her that the stem cell and the workouts were working.  For once she didn’t mind that I was waking her up.  I now had a witness.  We walked a little more that morning before I took off for “Lokomat”.

It was November of 2007 since my last steps………free of the cane……with the confidence to balance by myself, and then have the ability to get from point “A” to point “B” aided with nothing else but myself. 



Thursday and Friday……..

……..two steps turned to eight and Friday’s walking was about the same.   

Now Saturday….during my swim this morning (walking in the water) I can feel my left and right hip flexors “fire” and me calling the shots (in terms of control) just like old times.

This is huge for me.  I’m starting to gain a little on that much needed knee flexion. (Hamstrings). Once I can regain that nerve connection…I should then have all the pieces to walk independently again!!!!!!!

So here is your six week post transplant update……..

“IT’S Working!!!!!!!!

The beautiful thing is that I have the energy to workout hard everyday.  It’s starting to pay off.

Post Stem Cell improvements:


Less fatigue since transplant – sustained

Improved left arm circulation – sustained

A continually improving gait – sustained

Improved communication with leg/core muscles – sustained

Establishing some sort of Knee flexion. (Both legs)

I’ve have also had the energy to add some more work to my work-out schedule. 

Lokomat is still three days a week. MWF for one hour followed by core training w/ personal trainer.

I’ve also now added swimming on my off days: Tuesday, Thursday. Saturdays for 1 hour.

This is going to work!

Exhaustion never felt so good.

Be Well