Well..?..........not yet.........but soon.

8 weeks post transplant and things seem to be progressing smoothly. Physically.

My desk tells a different story……I’ve got a stack of paperwork that wants to sidetrack me………Tempting to just sit there and worry bout money, bills, updating friends, family, doctors etc., etc…….but as I wrote at PLM the other day……..I’m just going to put my head down and go for working as hard as I can and trying to get as strong as possible before the new year.

I’ll start looking at the financial damage come February/2010.  I’ve spent this much……come this far……….and I want this walking thing so bad……..I can taste it……..

And I get what I want…….LOL……

My wife sure seems to spoil me that way……so do the kids……so I owe them, at least,.. this walking thing…….. Right?

Last week was a great week.  I worked out 7 times in six days.  Took a few steps here and there but mainly,  I was so tired after each day……I didn’t really worry about trying to do the solo thing.

My P.T. lady,…..whom I’ve had now for three years,….has always spoke of the “perfect step”.

I think I’m slowly starting to figure out what the P.T. lady has meant all this time….. (thick headed males like myself are always the last to know – LOL)

Now that I’m on a “Lokomat” machine,….I get 4o-45 min of my “old gait” each visit.  The personal trainers there tell me that walking again will require me to re-establish muscle memory.

They use this as an example:

“Todd”… they say……..

……..”you don’t tell your heart to beat”………”you don’t tell your lungs too breath”……..”and you don’t tell your legs to walk”……….

“There are too many pieces to the walking puzzle”

Hmmmmmmmmm…………………………….made sence to me.  Finally!!!!!


The goal is to now keep reminding my body each day of the perfect step.  This morning at “Lokomat”… I inquired about doing “Lokomat” five days a week.

I meet w/ Dr Yu (My P.T. doctor) tomorrow and we’ll discuss “Lokomat” 5 days a week.  If he gives me the green light,….I’m going for it.

The progress on the “Lokomat” continues to be just that…….


Each minute on the machine continues to get better and better.  Each day I continue to get better cooperation out of my left (weak) leg.  The trainers at “Pushing Boundries” are slowly bringing down to the guidance force of the machine.  (guidance force is the amount of machine help I am receiving while on the Lokomat)

The last three days……..my workouts have not been what I have hoped only because of time.  I still think of what I can be doing at my next work out……even while I’m working out…….I’m thinking about how I’ll carve out time for tomorrow.

This is going to work.

I’m not giving up on the swimming……I just need to figure how I’m to incorporate the swimming with the Lokomat on Teusday’s Thursday’s and Saturday’s.

I hope you guys see what’s happening here.

The fatigue seems to be gone (post stem cell transplant) and I’m getting stronger each day.  So far so good.  Don’t worry bout’ the rest………That’s what Saturday afternoon and Sunday’s (football) are for.


I’ve got a nice update from “Shah” the other day.

Shah writes:

Shah’s Exciting update 6 months post transplant

Just when you think the repairs might be winding down, you get another surprise boost !!
on Friday while at PT I got on the precore elliptical excercise machine and managed an 8 minute session. It felt great. Last time i was able to do this was 18 months ago ! throughout the workout tingling in the bottom of spine was pretty significant.
Then on Saturday night, I decided to lift the canes in the air and try taking a couple of steps on my own, and managed to take 10 slow steps without lowering the canes !!!

(I think i have intercepted some of Todd’s mojo).

I repeated another set and got to 15 !! it was the best gift to get right on the eve of the 6th month post transplant. Tinglings in the spine have been elevated and still continuing on. the 6th month brought a lot more stamina around, both in upperbody workout and walking (canes).
Every chance I get I stretch my legs and try to increase the range of motion and blood flow.
standing posture and balance has shown more improvements. Knee-flexion alternation between left and right knees while standing is happening a lot faster (8-10 seconds delay reduced to 1-2 seconds !!) which is critical in walking speed.

All in all has been the best month so far. Walking excercises will be my focus for the next couple of weeks. My optimism is at its peak,

Best to you all,

Hoping to follow in “Shah’s” footsteps. 
The difference between “Shah” and myself………..
“Shah” takes Copaxone.
I take Tysabri. 
We are about the same age.
I have been diagnosed approx. 10 years longer than “Shah”.
“Shah” seems to be catching me very quickly in the mobility department. 
I need to fix that.
I will.

Be Well