The Small’s picked up a new member of the family the other day.


Julie has been asking for years. 

I finally relented.

Christmas will be very lite this year……but somehow……I don’t think it really matters.

The MonSter has been the excuse for a lot of things.  But now things are starting to turn around. A dog with my work schedule and my condition was always a “NO!!!!”

I must be feeling better because I think our newest edition is going to work out just fine.

When your sick…….you easily forget that the rest of the family suffers right along with you.  My illness has affected many things that our family can experience.  I’m hopeful that this stem cell will start to change that.

“Popie” may just be the small first step…….all 2 pounds of her.

Just like the movie: “As good as it gets”……….I think our new dog may just be the first of many:

……Game Changers!!!!!!

Be Well