Always uphill........but starting to come out of the fog......


It will be three months this Teusday….and things this last two weeks have been really good so……I thought I would report early. 

I have been extremely pleased with the results that I have seen at “Pushing Boundaries”.  When I go into the gym in the morning… I just work as hard as possible and usually leave the facility pretty tired.  As Jerry (one of the trainers at PB) says: “YOU CAN REST WHEN YOU GET HOME!!!!!”

Unfortunately…people that see me later in the day may question if “Stem Cell” or “Pushing Boundaries” is even working and some people ask if I’m over doing it. My answers to the people who question is this:
Stem Cell definitely did work!
Pushing Boundaries is…. and will continue to work!
How can I be over doing it when I continue to see progress every day.  It’s Friday and I can’t wait to get in Monday morning.  The progress is that good.
These last two weeks have been very good.  I have regained full sensation in both legs on the “Lokomat” and am starting to contribute in all facets of the “Lokomat’s Bio feed back” system.  In the “swing phase” of the machine….I seem to have good control and can contribute whenever I wish.  The “stance phase” of the machine is something I will start to look at seriously this next week….but from what I have heard from the trainers is this:….”you continue to progress”.  I continually improve w/ the amount of weight I can bear and the “guidance force” the machine provides me continually is coming down.  I started at 100% “guidance force” when I started in early October and I’ve been as low as 65% for a time these last few weeks. We have been training real hard at between 70-80% guidance force….I think. The machine only goes down to 60% GF.  
I unfortunately will have to return to work at the end of the month and will be only be able to go to Pushing Boundaries  three days a week.  I hope the progress will not slow but I’m committed to do what it takes. 

As I have said many times before.  “This is going to work”……. 

I’ll have to come up with a new saying….like: 

It’s working…….definately!!!!!!!


here is a copy of the current workout regimen: 


Workout Regimen 


A. Strength 

B. Balance/Core Work 

C. Flexibility 

D. Cardio/Endurance 




Monday – “Lokomat”, Strength training, Balance/Core Work, and Stretch, Elliptical (2000 steps)    



Tuesday – “Lokomat”, Swim (water walking and stretching), Balance work, and Stretch  



Wednesday – “Lokomat”, Strength training, Balance/Core Work, and Stretch, Elliptical (2000 steps) 



Thursday – “Lokomat”, Swim (water walking and stretching), Balance work, and Stretch 



Friday – “Lokomat”, Strength training, Balance/Core Work, and Stretch, Elliptical (2000 steps)  



Saturday – Swim (water walking and stretching), Elliptical, Balance, and Stretch   



Sunday – Off ….maybe a swim (Elliptical and always stretch) 


Hoping everyone has a happy holiday season 

Be Well