So how does it work??????

 As things start to improve and it feels as though nerve communication to the legs is starting to wake up…………..  

I get asked the questions that I… of all people… are the least qualified to answer…..but at the same time…..convinced everyone around me w/in earshot that this stem cell procedure was going to work earlier this year.  

People ask me:  

“So how does it work again?”

Honestly….it worked, so…of coarse……  

 I forgot the answers….LOL

So…..the last few days I had some time to review my notes while resting between workouts.  I went back through my research and found the promise of Myelin re-generation. I ran into terms like: Axon, Neuron, Dendrite, Nucleus, Soma, Node, Totipotent, Pluripotent, Multipotent, Unipotent, Progenator cells, Autologous,  Embryonic, Blood cord, Blastocysts…… on… and on….and on we could go. 


I’ve mentioned many times of how we are behind in stem cell research.  And a few days ago I ran into this:  


A U.S. Patent dated January of 2004 for: “Therapeutic uses for MSC’s” 

So what happened?????…….Why not here?…..Were there trials? 




Anyhoo…….I emailed the Professor the other day and asked him the following: 

 Dear Professor Slavin, 

Can Mesenchymal Stromal Cells be the base foundation for Oligodendrocytes?
Has this been proven?
I think we covered this in Tel-Aviv but someone asked me the other day and I encountered the typical non-educated brain lapse.
And if so are Oligodendrocytes the foundation of Myelin repair?
Thanks and be well



His response: 

Dear Todd, 

Indeed, oligodendrocytes are the cells we need for repair of myelin.
Indeed, we found that MSCs can be differentiated into oligodendrocytes.  The new method to accomplish such transdifferentiation is now being filed by us as a new patent. 




Wiki time: 

“A single oligodendrocyte can extend its processes to 50 axons, wrapping around approximately 1 mm of myelin sheath around each axon; ” 

And here is a good drawing of a Neuron to see the Myelin surrounding axons (you’ll need to scroll down a bit) 


So there you go…….It looks as though they are doing stuff a little different in that lab over in Israel….compared to the Protocol listed (U.S. patent link) above.

What is different?…….


……is probably the billion dollar question. 

Be Well