The last few weeks here in Seattle…..the weather has been kind of crummy. 

Well.....not this bad....but close.....

Well.....not this bad....but close.....

There is a phenominon w/ people sticken w/ MS. 

It’s called “Heat Intolerance”. 

A lot of  us MSer’s are unable to be in the heat for too long.  For me….it usually affects neurological communication and makes walking very difficult. 

I’ve also noticed another phenominon…..I have not been able to pinpoint it but, it’s either related to humidity or barometric presure. On the days here in Seattle…..when the rain comes and goes……my mobility suffers a little bit.  Is this an MS symtom?…..or can it be related to something else? 

Who knows? 

I have seen nothing in the way of info about “Barometric Pressure Intolerance” or “Humidity Intolerance”.  The best I can do is:……report my case to the Neuro and see what she says. 

I met with Dr Kita Teusday…….I told her of my troubles on days like this……when the rains come and go.  She told me that patients had reported similar difficulties. She didn’t have any study info or documentation to share w/ me. Maybe some of my MS comrades can chime-in and validate?

Anyhoo…………I wasn’t seeing her Teusday to divulge into such MS nuisances. 

Teusday was something much, much bigger.  

Teusday was “EDSS” day. 

It was a day to see how far I’ve come since my meeting in Israel w/ Professor Slavin.  I skipped my morning “Lokomat” workout just for this reason.  I wanted the conditions the same as when I walked for the Professor in Israel before Bone Marrow aspiration June 30.

Also the same conditions as my last EDSS evaluation with Dr. Kita in September before MSC transplant.


Eric called me in from the waiting room and said that we would start with the 25 foot walk…….no problem. 

“It’s so cool to see you walking”…..Eric says to me. (He usually sees me in a wheelchair because I had already worked out hard in the morning before our other visits.)

I then met w/ Dr.Kita for the other standard MS testing.  My hip flexors were not working good that day so my knee raises were just not happening.  We then went for a 100m walk.  This is something that I was unable to do in Israel or for Dr Kita last September.  You could tell she was impressed.  After we were done w/ the 100m walk, I told her that I could probably go further.  She said it wouldn’t really change the score. 

I could not walk the 100m in Isreal last June or for Dr.Kita last September.  My Bioness worked just fine for both of those visits.

We then went back to the room to look at the other test results that Eric had done earlier. 

“That’s Smokin’…!!”………she said……..

with regards to my 25 foot timed walk from Tuesday compared to last September.  You dropped 6 seconds each way!!!!! 

I then told her that all of this walking was done w/out the use of my Bioness.  (My Bioness has not worked for the last 3+ weeks)

And before I left the house that day…..I thought I wouldn’t do well because of the crummy weather outside. 

6 seconds over 25 feet......improvement from last September

So……..I thought the weather that particular morning, was making me feel crummy…….when in fact……it really didn’t matter.  I’ve have recently sent Dr. Kita an Email on my new “EDSS” score request but I have not yet heard a response. 

I’ve pretty much maxed out my workout load for the next couple of weeks until I return to work on February 1.  One week before my return, I will start to taper back on the workouts a bit.  The progress has still been slow in regards to walking for me…..but I still remain hopeful.  I continue to see gains in the strength department.

All that is left now is to get see a bit more nerve conduction via the new MSC’s.

The spasms have tapered back a bit in the Hip flexors.  I almost hope some of the discomfort comes back……..It makes me feel like things (nerve repair) are working. 

I think the new nerves are being generated.......they just need a home

So…….How long….???????????

How long to Repair??????........Dunno?????

Be Well