Sometimes you just have to mix it up

We’re all guilty of it………….

The role we play at work…..or the time of day that we walk the dog…..the way we do our hair…or the exercise routine that we do….the time we go to the bathroom….the material we read…..on and on we could go. 

Some are good patterns……Some are bad. 

You get stuck…..stuck in the pattern of life.  Adults I think are the most vulnerable.  We like the way things are and we settle way to easy.  When you have a disease like MS….it’s easy to say: “But I work out everyday” 

Then you stop seeing progress……Then maybe it’s time to take another look. 

This is where it can get confusing.  

“What do I do next?” and “What is it that I need to work on the most?” 

If your like me…..the answer is usually: “Everything”  

That’s the frustrating part and that’s why some call MS a: “MyStery”.  



“The February Flats………………..”


Well………my return to work has been marred by challenges.  

First it was my lack of walking practice. (It’s now much better)  

Then….a sinus infection. (still on antibiotics)  

Then…..adjusting to my new sleep schedule. (maybe adjusting to the dog too)  

Then…..the Olympics……LOL  

It’s been an interesting month to say the least.  Last night (yesterday afternoon) was my first real day of regular sleep it seemed like.  Early this month…..I was forced to use 3 vacation days to cover for the sinus infection (I have not earned sick time yet).  

Again…….I under estimated the adjustment to my other night life…..obviously.  


Now for the good news……..  

– My strength has not dipped much. (meaning: my recovery from the sinus infection was quicker than expected)   

– The MS fatigue still seems to have gone missing since stem cell.  

– I’m back to working out hard.  

– And I believe my post stem cell gains have sustained.  

Less fatigue since transplant – sustained    

Improved left arm circulation – sustained   

An improved gait – sustained/when rested……(hard to convince others when you’ve just worked out and they rarely see you perform when your freshly rested.  The trainers at the gym see the slow progress and I guess that is all that matters. )  

Improved communication with leg/core muscles – sustained/when rested  

Establishing some sort of Knee flexion. (Both legs) – (Progress is Slow, Slow, Slow……..probably the most frustrating part of this whole process…..)  


As I said before:  

“I know that right now…I have the strength to walk.  It’s just that I lack the communication to my hamstrings, dorsi-flexors, hip-flexors.
The communication has improved in all of these areas since MSC transplant…..but when I tire….the nerve conduction fades quickly and I am then unable to move the particular body part very well.  I have seen much improvement with these areas when they are rested though… I am still hopeful for some future independent walking.”  


All-in-all….February was a weird month.  This sinus infection has really thrown me for a loop and you must addmit… work schedule is sort of odd.  But I have high expectations for myself and to be honest….I thought I would have done better this month.  

I… no means…. went backwards.  And maybe I should give myself a break.  

What I can rest my hat on is that:…. I believe the strength is still there and once I finish these antibiotics this weekend……It’s back to full-time rehab.  

Until then…..Break a useless pattern and Be Well