"Lokomat" gives you that little push......to keep things rolling w/ regards to mobility

March has started out great.  On Monday…..March 1st…..I had my best “Lokomat” machine training to date. 

The Saturday (2/27) prior to that Monday…..I had finished taking the last of my antibiotics for the wicked sinus infection that visited me in February. 

I walked into the gym that Monday morning and knew something good was about to happen. 

With “Lokomat” training….. there are two very important walking variables that the machine takes care of for you. 

 #1 Guidance Force – the machine has the ability to walk you on the treadmill 100% if it needs to.  The lower your guidance force……the more work you are doing. 

 #2 Weight – The machine has the ability to take  your weight out of the equation.  Again……the more weight you bare…..the harder you are working. There have been times when I have walked on the Lokomat w/ 70% guideance force and baring all of my own body weight

Before that particular Monday (3/1)……I was stuck in a rut w/ regards to the guidance force. For months……..I tried, and I tried……but I was only able to get to 60% guidance force…..and when the trainers took it to 55% I would almost always fail after a few minutes of trying and I would usually shut the machine off due to he fact that I was unable to keep up the walking pace

On Monday , March 1…..that all changed…..I was down to 40% guideance force for some time and 55% and under for the whole session.  We finished and the trainer said to me:…..”Wow!…. that was your best session yet.”  I went home thinking it was some sort of fluke or that he machine was broken. 

*** (Each one of my “Lokomat” sessions is between 45-55mins. We walk a mile+ at slightly varriable speeds…..1.28 – 1.44 MPH) ***

Well……the machine was not broke and since that day…..My last three sessions this month were just as good…. if not better than 3/1/2010.

We are now seriously making some headway at the gym and the muscle communication is still getting better w/ each passing month. This last Friday (3/5)……I attempted 25% guideance force and was able to hang on for about 5 minutes.


Just when you think things are no longer progressing via the stem cell……small little mobility victories come along and give you that tiny incentive to keep pushing. We are now getting into the mobility gains that I have waited so long to see from this expensive little procedure.

Before stem cell……I had the confidence to take unsuported steps (without cane)  maybe twice in a two year period leading up to the procedure.

After stem cell……(since October)…..I have had the confidence to try walking unsuported on a monthly basis.

Lately……the last few weeks…..I’ve tried every week to go for it. 

I continue to get better and better on the bike each day.  Tonight…..a co-worker told me to “Slow Down!!!”.  “Cool”…….I thought to myself.

I’ve also had another improvement in the mobility department.  Lately my toes are pointed more strait while walking…….espcially on the “Lokomat”.  The trainers at “Pushing Boundries” have complained since day one that I sort of: “waddle like a duck”…. when walking w/ my toes pointed outward. The last five or so trips…..Ive been able to break that ugly habit for the entire “Lokomat” session.

Hmmmm………..got to keep pushinhg……

You know I will.

Be Well



P.S. A big week of basketball as the Washington Huskies try and make the NCAA tournament. Two more wins and they should be a lock.  Some of us miss the Seattle Sonics not being in town anymore.  The team now in Oklhoma City…..looks to have one of the best players in the league and will no- doubt make the playoffs this year

Kevin Durrant drafted#2 in 2008 by the former "Seattle Supersonics" is now...one of the best players in the league.