When it comes to MS infomation........the "Zen Warrior".....as he likes to call himself.....is one of the best sources on the web.

Marc is one of the best sources of MS info I know.  I like reading his stuff because he is always very thorough……and gives it to you straight. This last Sunday he now speaks from experience with regards to being one of the few pioneers involving CCSVI. 

CCSVI is the hot topic around the MS community. Marc did and awesome job in explaining the exploratory/repair procedure that is required before the decision is made to proceed w/ surgeory…..or not. 

again the link: 




Marc has a way w/ words…….and while reading…..the then 42 comments from his followers……I came across this: 

Marc writes: 

           “Educate yourself,….. advocate for yourself,….. 

……….. and don’t lose track of the fact that despite the disease, life can still be filled with grace and beauty. It may take a bit of rummaging around to find it, but it’s there, and the work required to live in the moment and take responsible (ity)  for your own emotional well-being pays off exponentially.” 


Well said……..I thought to myself. 

Funny how a lot of us MS’ers share that same Crystal Clear Credo. 

Be Well