May 2010

I used to feel under the a little breathing room

As summer approaches and baseball season is in full bloom……I find myself resorting back to my old ways.  

Cheating the system……..feeling better by the month….always wanting to cheat sleep to hang out with the family and get stuff  done around the house. When your lighting fast like me…..the hard part is……. 

………….you feel good and you want to get stuff done………. 

………….you remember how long it used to take you to do those things.  

Problem is…….your not that “mobile maniac” anymore.  MS acceptance sucks sometimes.  


This last week brought some good news……..I had my first post MSC MRI done on the Brain and Spine.  I’m happy to report that there has been no new changes.  Stability is always a positive. Was it due to MSC? Who knows. But right now the combination of post MSC and Tysabri monthly is really working for me.  Tysabri alone last year was not getting the job done and I remember thinking just one year ago (Before MSC)……..  

“Am I out of options here?”  

The fact that there was no reported new damage is alway a plus……..with any MS’er.  

I had a Tysabri Treatment this last Tuesday and it seems that I’m now getting a little better mileage out of my monthly tank of Tysabri.  I have been on the drug since August 2006 and before MSC…..I would maybe get two weeks of good days out of  my Tysabri Tank.  This last month………it was easily 3 and a half weeks.  

At my last meeting with Dr Kita I was feeling good enough (after working all night) to show her some of my increased strength in the leg muscles.  At prior visits we had gone through similar tests and i was unable to contribute any movement in the hip flexors and hamstrings.  This last week she was pleasantly surprised.  She also made a comment that I was walking better.  (I was actually very tired from being up all night)  

Dad recognized that the muscle mass in my legs had returned.  He would be right. I’ve now gained 15 needed pounds since transplant and definitely have the strength to walk.  

Now I just need the consistent communication to put all the pieces together.  Progress is slow but things are still progressing and I am still hopeful.  

Be Well  



"No!!!!!........the world doesn't revolve around revolves around the sun!"

Pushing Boundaries (the gym where I workout 3X’s/week) got a new toy a few weeks back.  It’s a “Galileo Vibration Plate”. although the technology is not all that new……it was the first time that I had ever tried such a device.

Simular Machine

It seems to be working……and my balance is slightly improved since we started training with it. 

My friend “Shah” who had MSC before me had mentioned months ago that it was part of his rehab regimen.  Now that we have got a machine at Pushing Boundaries……I can see what he was talking about. 

You may think that standing on a vibrating plate…..would be a waste of time…..but the machine forces your core to stabilize you and engages every muscle you have in order for you not to lose you balance while standing on it.  

Here is a link to learn more about the machine and it’s benefits: 

Train hard…..

Rehab harder…..

and Be Well,