.............pouring gasoline on the fire!

Made this crazy comment yesterday about liking the spasms that I have been getting in my legs and how I have this idea that the spasms are the movements that I need to walk correctly. I sent an email off to the boys at CTCI and this is how that went.

My Email:

Dear Dr. Slavin and Dr. Gesundheit,
I’ve been reducing the amount of Baclofen I’ve been taking. About every other day I will take 20mg of Baclofen. Some days I can go two even three days w/out any. This is a greatly reduced amount from earlier in the year when I would take 60-80mg/day. 
The spasms that I have recently in my legs are not really that bad.  And in a way….”I KIND OF LIKE THEM”!!!!!!!
This may sound really weird but the spasms that I have……are the bodily moves that I am usually unable to make.
For example:
You lay on your stomach and do a hamstring curl. (Meaning bring your heals off the table and try to touch your butt.)
Normally I am unable to do this but when I have a hamstring spasm……no problem….my legs quickly come up from the table and touch my butt. Before visiting Israel last June…..I was unable to do this hamstring curl at all……now…..the spasm gives me hope that all is not lost with that movement or that possible repair may have happened.  I’m not sure what to think but am hopeful of some possible future control.
Are these thoughts wishful thinking or could possibly some nerve regeneration be going on here.
I also have spasms in my tibula’ (spelling?) muscle that brings my foot to a right angle. (I have foot drop in that foot)
Also spasms in my hip flexors that raise my knee up.
Just wondering. Be Well,
Todd Small


  Dr Gesundheit’s response:

Dear Todd:
Good to hear from you!
According to your baclofen reduction and your description I share with you that there is indeed place for optimism of further improvement! Patients reported symptoms as you did and it was actually the beginning of further improvement!


Benjamin Gesundheit MD PhD
International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy Ltd


So there you have it.

Hope for some of us MS’ers is like pouring Gasloine on the fire.  Now back to work!

Be Well