It's good to be back on the "Lokomat"

Gait Re-education is a tricky thing.

People make walking look so easy.

Trust me……It is not.

Continuing with my bad walking habits these last three months only did one thing……it keep me on a consistent path of “Bad Walking”.  

I got on the “Lokomat” this last Friday and it was like my legs were re-learning again.  My time on the Machine was good (40 mins.) but my resistance levels were poor.  Mainly due to the fact that it took me awhile to get acclimated to talking those good steps again.

“Lokomat” Link:

I got off the machine and was pretty tired but after I got home that day….a funny thing happened…..I had my best walking day in the last three months.  I was remembering the proper mechanics and had better balance and confidence.  Those feeling continued Friday and into Saturday.  Then….Saturday night….back to my old bad habits. 

I’m trying to get two days of “Lokomat”/week for the rest of the year and at :40 min/time…’s much more than I’m doing at home.  My elliptical sessions at home are usually :25 min.  

My insurance claims are still being reviewed.  It’s been about 2 months now…..I’m just waiting on the denial letter so I can immediately appeal it.  For me…each denial letter is a stepping stone.  The first one will give me a good idea of what was missing or policy guideline not followed.  As more and more time passes… confidence continues to grow in the fact that I just may pull this off.  Then, if i do……I’ll need to look seriously at getting into “Pushing Boundaries” three days a week again.  

I’ve still been working a ton.  It a good thing cause my car just died and it took major funds to put that right.  I guess after three years and 45,000 miles (My used car has 130K total miles now) somebody had to take a wrench to it.  Glad to have it back out of the shop and running good.  Hopefully I can get another 45,000 out of her.  

All in all……my strength has been good……nothing major to report except the fact that I’m still grateful to have the lessened fatigue and have drastically cut back on my Baclofen intake.  I’m now taking only 10mg every three to four days.  

Everything else has been the same……stable and grateful.  

Tysabri is tomorrow and it looks as though I will start to stretch these treatments out a bit.  I will now schedule these App. 5 weeks apart instead of just the 4 week regimen I’ve been doing the last 4 years.  

I used to really feel the need for Tysabri about week before my next infusion.  Now…..not so much.  This is just another example of the new-found stability since stem cell.  I still have heard no results from that new JC virus test I had the last month.  There was a problem with the waiver I signed so I had to sign another one, send it back in and I think this is the reason for the delay.   

Hope all is well with everyone and I saw an ad for the christmas holidays this last week……that was scary.  

Same thing on this years christmas list for me:………..”Legs”  

Be Well