Where do you see the water level at this point?


My friend Sandi sent me an Email the other day. She wanted to know more about things, how I was doing, cost for CCSVI. She told me she was trying to make a wise decsion. Soooo……it got me thinking…….

“Do I give people the wrong impression that things are better than they really are????”




I hope not…… I still hve MS…… I still walk funny.

So I wrote Sandy back……just to tell her I’m feeling good and happy.


 Hi Sandi,
I have not spoke to anyone from Israel for some time.  I will forward you my last email exchange w/ them.
I paid $10,500 for CCSVI at Pacific Interventionist.
($2500.00 – MRV/ $8000.00 CCSVI procedure) 
Dr Arata. performed the procedure.  I explained in this last update why I chose him over the Hubbard foundation. I am now in the process of billing my own insurance myself.  Dr. Arata provided me with a procedure synopsis and the appropriate insurance codes on the invoice.  Were still working on the Letter of Medical Necessity.  I may just turn in what I have now and see if they will require the LOMN later.
His protocol attacks the valves that interconnect the veins. He does a little more than just balloon your veins. The “valve” is where CCSVI derives from.
Fix the valve…..and the possibility of re-stenosis is greatly decreased.
Two weeks out from CCSVI now and I’m feeling good.  My “Lokomat” workout this morning was my best yet……although when I am tired……the communication to my legs is just not there.  That’s MS and I know that.
CCSVI has helped me recover from these hard workouts more quickly.  I’m also seeing improvement w/ heat sensitivity.
I’m a glass half full sort of guy and I hope that I have not given people the wrong impression of the severity of my improvements.
I have always remained consistent in the fact…that….these procedures are not a cure for MS……but just things that have made my quality of life much better and enabled me to keep working and providing for the family.
The last I spoke with Isreal….they were fooling around with liposuction and working on a new patent for their “Improved” ASC/MSC protocol.
CCSVI has given me a little more life here…….I’m going to see how much it will give me over the summer………then, I may think about giving Slavin a call and seeing what is the latest with Stem Cell. I still believe that Stem cell is the key to Meylin repair that every MS patient needs.
Ever since my stem cell (Sept 2009), I have been stable, happy and working a ton. I think MSC did give me greater Neural communication. It’s been awhile and I still seem to be making small strides in the gym so I’m hopefull for the future and am also broke again from CCSVI costs.
Stable for me is a win.
Is it CCSVI, MSC, Tysabri or a combination of all three????….
I don’t know…but I feel good, am working/providing,happy…and that is just where I am right now.
Your proaction is what makes you wise Sandi. And my repsect to you for your continued fight with the MonSter.
My prayers back at/with you.
Be Well,