I'm a very lucky man

I remember the spot…..I have not been to it since and have no reason to really go back.  It was a shopping mall and twenty-two years ago, Love walked right up to me and said: “Hi….how are you?”…(we had gone to the same school together but had never really met before)


Don’t know….but she wasn’t kidding when we got to the “In sickness and in health” part.

Happy Anniversary Julie……twenty years…I love you….am proud of you…blessed that you are with me…..and thank you for the happiest years of my life.



Well…its been to Long….and you maybe wondering what’s going on?

Am going to: http://www.patientslikeme.com/ tonight and updating my profile w/ all my current meds. (no changes in the last two years).

If your interested in what drugs I take or other MS’rs take….it’s all listed there.  My profile name is “Smallie” in the MS community. Dates, History, Drug/treatment research….it all there.  Log in and learn.

Things have been good.  MS is still a major player in my daily life…but much less of a burden since stem cell (9/2009) and less still since CCSVI (2/2011).

The only reason I have not blogged is because everyday I find myself becoming more and more like my old “Productive” self.

Some of the “Productive” stuff since my last post:

–         Battling health insurance over 18K worth of claims that were owed to me.

–         Working out at PB 6 hours?week

–         Custom staircase handrail and Newel post install

–         Two Baseball teams (21 games + practice my son)

–         Property Tax appeal

–         Home refinance

–         Income tax

–         Working as much OT as I can and want

–         Working all but 2 days in June

–         Futures planning $$ (always)

–         1000 s.f. of basement wiring

–         900 s.f. of basement remodel prep

–         900 s.f. of basement remodel w/ volunteers (60% complete)

–         Exterior deck painting

Still no excuses for not updating.  Sorry. Some people emailed me about my status and I was pretty short in reply.

Things are good.


Busy is good.

That’s normal life stuff…right?  Busy…

We are all busy…..but when you have a major disease that your dealing w/….then the MonSter disease can really take over that “Life’s busy” stuff.

Thankfully my MS has been stable and I’ve been back to the “getting stuff done around the house” mode.

I’m very happy with my “MS stability” right now.

So nice to not have the disease own me like it used too


A quick “shout out” to all the volunteers that helped us with the basement remodel two weekend’s ago. (Staircase too)

Mom, Dad, Val, Mike, Bill, Silvia, Lynn, John, Jay, Niki, Alex, Payton, Lauren, Nate, and Tony.

It’s starting to come together and kids are getting excited to see the walls going up. Fighting over where the T.V. and game room will be.

Thank you so much.  In those three days I would have never imagined we could have got so much done

Be Well