I’m Todd,… a 42yo Male, living in Seattle, Wa. with my wife Julie of 19 years and my 2 children ( Daughter/16, Son/12)

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in January, 1994…… In the early years of my disease,…you would have never known I had anything wrong by looking at me. 

Then 3 huge relapses between 2004 and 2006 affected my walking so much….. it forced me into a cane I use every day now. 

I work for that little aerospace company here in Seattle that nobody has ever heard of….he he:).  I work in the middle of the night to beat the heat in the summer time. (Heat intolerance is one of my many MS symptoms)

I’ve pretty much gone thru every MS treatment out there looking for stability with my hyperactive immune system. MS is one of those auto immune diseases that………if left unchecked…….is free to do as much damage to your nervous system as it sees fit until stabilized.

So far…..the treatments for an autoimmune disease, like MS…. is limited to just a handfull of medications.  It is basically “hit or miss” if one can tolerate any one of these medications. 

After battling 17 years………I find myself running out of options…..This blog is about the new kid (treatment) on the block……”Stem Cell”. 

This blog can be a little personal sometimes, as friends and family want to know the latest goings on.

One of my goals in using the blog is healthcare awareness.  Making the public know of the medical options that are out there. In my opinion…healthcare options in this country are limited.  I hope I can convice people to be their own advocate. Nobody knows you… better than you. 

How well do you communicate your condition to your doctor?  

A viable option for your healthcare needs…. may be out there on the web. 

Sometimes you just have to dig. 

I hope you enjoy the blog.

Be Well, Todd